Marie Claire presents a large literary number

The new Marie Claire summer is a large literary number for three months, which is perfect for reading in a deck chair in the country or beach and will help to pass the time on the road.

Actress Ksenia Rappoport appeared on the cover of the room. Together with the writer Alexander Tsypkin, they became the heroes of the Modern Talking heading, talked about modern literature, favorite books and discussed creative plans.

The theme of the section “Investigation” is “Literary Wars: a look at the writer’s business from the inside”. The editors investigated the inside of the Gostrait industry gaining momentum.

Summer – time for vacations and travel. Marie Claire has prepared a large Travel Fiction project about the near Moscow “Places of Power” related to the names of the great authors – Chekhov, Bunin, Tsvetaeva, Gogol, Pushkin and others.

In addition, in the room you will get acquainted with the winners and curators of the international competition organized by the Association “Folk Art of Russia” Save Russian Soul and see unusual works of art.

In the Fashion section, consider items of jewelry and answer the main question to the trends of the coming summer – to remain true minimalism or to afford bright colors and unusual forms.

In the Beauty section we’ll talk about the key trend for the future-beauty-minimalism, identify new methods, tools, study training for working on the body and see the winners of the perfume prize Prix Du Parfum 2021.

In the Travel section, we will go to the mini-travels in Sochi

, Greece (Mikonos, Chalkidiki), Paris, Turkey (Bodrum) and the Kurshi Spit.

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